Weatherman Kumke

Weatherman Kumke
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Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Launch of the KWS Blog

Good Afternoon,

I am Zach Kumke. A 17 year old weatherman out of Olathe, Kansas. I am using this blog to share weather information with others who already use my Facebook page and my Weather Alerts program to get information about the weather.

This blog is to help people understand all the things I have to look through before making a forecast and to also let others know what excatly I'm thinking about a storm system with links to model runs and pictures. Overall, it's to get an Inside look on a meteorologists job and how we do things.

This blog is just now getting under away so I will post more information and get more stuff done like addinga cool title, inputting sites, ect.

Zach "Weatherman" Kumke
Kumke Weather Services™

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